Over the course of my career at K State as an art major, I have done many different types of work. I have worked on story-based projects, worked with lighting, explored different scenarios and other things. I have come to realize I am most interested in capturing what is not visible in real life such as ending reality and distorting images to create a sense of the ethereal and supernatural. That which makes one question what is being seen.

This semester I would like to work in a combination of portraiture and landscape, while altering the images to create an entirely new sense of reality. I want to work with portraiture and people to redefine how people and environments interact.

Influences for my project include Susan Burnstine’s Absence of Being, Ellie Ivanova’s The Museum of Innocence, as well as various music and some movies. For music, Mogwai’s album “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” is particularly impactful for me as well as some lines in Brand New’s album “God and The Devil Are Raging Inside Me”.

I am not certain what format this project would be best suited for. For convenience sake I would like to work with a medium format camera, but I would also like to experiment with a large format camera and see what I can make using it. As for size, I am thinking 17 x 22 will suit it just fine. For the moment, digital prints will be fine for it as well, as I have little experience with other printing methods.

I am anticipating many challenges this semester on this project. Firstly, because it is my first time working entirely in my own creative ideals I am unsure of what will be acceptable. I tend to be very harsh on myself and it slows down my processes. To get around this, all I can do is continue to work hard on things. I am also concerned that any experimentation in developing and processing will not turn out the way I hope they will, or will be less acceptable than what I am willing to present. However, I believe that with help and guidance, I can get around it and improve my skills.


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